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Consumer beauty arena is a crowded market place, with companies using a plethora of strategies to get customer attention. Grapevine Public Relations strategy is an assimilation of online and offline Beauty PR tactics to gain viable public attention.

There are thousands of beauty products inundating the market every single day. Amid this scene, brands are finding it increasingly difficult to gain leverage and visibility. Have you faced the same problem? No matter how much you try, your product could not scale up beyond a certain level? Then Grapevine Public Relations is your rescuer, we will craft a marketing and public relations strategy guaranteed to deliver intensely profitable results. These solutions are a blend of personal and powerful messages spoken in a language your audience can connect with. We use retailers, bloggers and media personnel’s to convey this message.

As USA’s uppermost consumer beauty PR firm, we carve a fresh approach for each of our campaigns to connect the users to the brands and their products. Demographics, age, geographies and preferences are taken note of in the Beauty PR planning stage to decide the best engagement strategy. Their commitment to marketing your brand includes online strategies – social media marketing, blogger mentions, reviews, generating user based engaging content and creating content for these platforms, guerrilla marketing and clubbing them with the offline sources – influencer marketing, celebrity sponsorship, endorsements, press and media mentions. Grapevine Public Relations develops brand specific Beauty PR campaigns to cultivate brand awareness and loyalty among the audience.

The team at Grapevine Public Relations consists of beauty bloggers, digital marketing specialists, PR professionals mastering in beauty products, video makers and writers to spin engaging content for the audience. We specialize in fashioning campaigns that deliver a brand’s audience right to the audience’s heart.

Considered the first choice for handling Beauty PR campaigns, Grapevine Public Relations is famous for delivering impeccable results. If your purpose is to reinvent a brand, put a product back in the shop shelves or launch a new product, we will structure specialized Beauty PR campaigns to put forth the product across millions of users, viewers and potential users using a combination of media impressions, celebrity and influencer marketing as well as event based PR. Contact us today to begin strategize your successful, measurable Beauty PR campaign.


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