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Celebrity endorsements and sponsorships to boost branding efforts 

The world is more celebrity crazy than ever. Is your brand getting celebrity endorsements & sponsorships? If not, you are missing a huge chunk of cake.

Brands choose us for celebrity endorsements, sponsorships & bookings because – Grapevine Public Relations has more than a decade of experience in searching the appropriate celebrity endorsements and sponsorships for brands. We have an intrinsic knowledge about the celebrity industry; also we have excellent relations with over 700 celebrities throughout the globe with whom we’ve negotiated numerous celebrity endorsements and partnerships. We have done in-depth research on extracting their market appeal, their fan base, availability, popularity and commercial technicalities. As one of USA’s leading celebrity endorsement and sponsorship companies we have secured top celebs for numerous clients and thereby leveraged their popularity and business reach. These celebrity endorsements/sponsorships are bagged for a plethora of events such as – commercial ads, events, parties, product launches and media and engagement events. Before zeroing on the celebrity, we first delve into the technical aspects such as the product category, available budget, campaign goals and the planned reach.

Grapevine Public Relations – America’s foremost celebrity endorsement/sponsorship company sets up celebrity appearances for events such as awards, game tournaments, holiday parties, autograph signing, fund raising and media campaigns to name a few. Our competencies extend to:

Establishing strategic celebrity endorsements, sponsorships and partnerships –

Having a celebrity partner for a company wields innumerable benefits such as extra publicity, tapping into their fan club to gain visibility, attract the topmost investors and gain media attention. We have been instrumental in forging some of the topmost strategic celebrity partnerships.

Talent recruitment and Human resource management – For a firm to achieve their goals, walk on the paths of success and gain immense popularity; it has to be backed by a team equally proficient. Grapevine Public Relations procure and recruits outstanding industry talent that propels your brand to be considered by celebrities for endorsement.

Influencer marketing – The millennial generation, population in between the age group of 18-35 is the most powerful workforce and market trendsetter. To drive your company to an unrivalled position, it needs these millennial customers as the brand advocators and we do this for you by employing influencer marketing which is a highly effective marketing channel.

Celebrity loyalty programs – We use celebrity loyalty programs for brands to dive into the audience’s good books. These celebrities convey the brand and product message that penetrates the target audience effectively and gets efficacious results.


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