At Grapevine Public Relations, we believe in long lasting customer relationships. The clients we serve are from many different niches and we have been able to build a very firm rapport with them. We serve clients according to their requirements. We do not believe in one-for-all strategy. We customize the strategy after a careful study of the client’s requirements and goals.


Cover Girl Logo, Cover Girl Rep, Cover Girl Representative, Cover Girl Rep, Cover Girl PR, Cover Girl Public Relations, Cover Girl PR Team


As the nation’s hottest cosmetic brand, COVERGIRL offers women innovative, cutting-edge products that ignite their beauty. COVERGIRL is available at retailers worldwide.

Hempz Logo, Hempz Rep, Hempz Representative, Hempz PR, Hempz Public Relations


All Hempz products contain Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil, one of nature’s richest sources of Essential Fatty Acids, nutrients and vitamins that protect and condition the skin.

Laura Mercier Logo, Laura Mercier Public Relations, Laura Mercier PR, Laura Mercier Rep, Laura Mercier Representative

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier empowers women to express and embrace their individual beauty. Every woman gains confidence and the ability to create her own Flawless Face since 1996.

Murad, Murad Logo, Murad Rep, Murad Representative, Murad Public Relations, Murad PR Team


As America’s first authentic doctor-developed brand, Murad remains true to the scientific principles of its founder, world-renowned dermatologist Howard Murad, M.D.

Consumer Brands

Blow Hookah, Hookah Public Relations, Hookah PR, Vapor PR


BLOW provides a service unique to the industry; options. Unlike most companies with variations of the same device, BLOW has created a brand with multiple devices.

EON Smoke Logo, E Cigarette PR, E Cigarette Public Relations, E Cigarette Public Relations Company


Eonsmoke designs, markets, and distributes electronic cigarettes & accessories. Since its founding Eonsmoke has been committed to helping individuals quit smoking.

Fantasia Hookah PR Team, Fantasia Hookah Public Relations, Hookah Public Relations, Vape Public Relations

Fantasia Hookah

Founded in 2005, with a focus on unique flavors & unmatched quality. Fantasia’s lineup of flavors and Revolutionary Charcoal has since changed the hookah forever.

Hairfinity PR, Beauty Products PR, Hair products PR, Hair Products Public Relations


Brock Beauty believes beautiful, healthy skin & hair starts from within, using natural ingredients in formulas that are clinically tested and proven to work from the inside & outside.

Herb Vape PR Team, Marijuana Pubic Relations


Kandypens – founded in 2014 with the mission to provide quality vaporizers direct to consumers. Products are built with durability and mobility.

Monster Headphones Public Relations, Monster Headphones Product Placement, Monster Headphones PR

Monster Headphones

Monster, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions for high performance audio, video, car audio, computer, console and computer gaming.

Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening, Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening PR Team, Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Celebrities

Mr. Blanc

Founded with the mission of improving smiles, Mr. Blanc’s distinct at-home teeth whitening has allowed them to quickly become the leader of the industry.

Puff King E Liquid Public Relations, Puff King E Liquid Product Placement, Puff Kind Product Placement, Puff King Public Relations

Puff King

Puff King is the leader in hand crafted Electronic Cigarettes & E-liquids. Puff King quickly became a pioneer in the vaping industry with multiple award winning products.

RAw Rolling Papers PR Team

RAW Rolling Papers

Rolling Paper Depot provides the best in high quality rolling papers and accessories. RAW focuses on giving customers great service & the best prices on smoking products.

Revolve Clothing, Revolve Clothing Iggy Azalea, Revolve Clothing Product Placement

Revolve Clothing

REVOLVE is the virtual home for a collection of over 500 of the world’s most-coveted and emerging brands in women’s and men’s designer apparel, shoes and accessories.

Square Smoke PR Team, Square Smoke logo, Square Smoke Product Placement

Square Smoke

Square Smoke is the leader developer of groundbreaking vapor products. The award winning E-Hose & E-Head created a new category – Electronic Hookah Vaping.

Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco, Starbuzz, Starbuzz PR Team, Starbuzz Public Relations, Starbuzz Entertainment


Since 2005, Starbuzz has been a world renowned manufacturer and the leading provider of the highest quality exotic hookah tobacco, hookahs, and hookah accessories.

Corporate Communications

Creicket Wireless, Creicket Wireless Logo, Creicket Wireless Rep, Creicket Wireless Representative, Creicket Wireless PR Team, Creicket Wireless Public Relations, Creicket Wireless PR

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is a wireless voice, text, and data service provider. As of 2011, it provided prepaid wireless services to approximately 5 million subscribers in the United States.

Nokia Logo, Nokia Representative, Nokia Rep, Nokia PR, Nokia Public Relations, Nokia PR Team


Nokia has a history of successful change and innovation, adapting to shifts in markets and technologies. Nokia invests in technologies important to a connected world.

OnDeck, OnDeck Logo, OnDeck Rep, OnDeck Public Relations


Launched in 2007, OnDeck uses data aggregation and electronic payment tech to evaluate the health of businesses and deliver capital to a market underserved by banks.

Sony Logo, Sony Rep, Sony Representative, Sony Public Relations, Sony PR, Sony PR Team


Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corp headquartered in Tokyo. Its diversified business is primarily focused on electronics, game, and entertainment sectors.


Crisp Boxers, Crisp Boxers Logo, Crisp Boxers Representative, Crisp Boxers Rep, Crisp Boxers PR, Crisp Boxers Public Relations, Crisp Boxers PR Team

Crisp Boxers

Crisp’s dedication to “Changing the way you look at Undergarments” alongside their superior design & quality propelled them as the fastest growing undergarment in U.S.

Diadora, Diadora Logo, Diadora Shoes, Diadora PR, Diadora Public Relations


Diadora is an Italian football, tennis, running, cycling, rugby, athletic shoe, clothing, and fashion accessory manufacturer with locations in Italy, the United States, and Hong Kong.

Popular By Demand Clothing, Popular By Demand Clothing PR, Popular By Demand Clothing Rep, Popular By Demand Clothing Representative, Popular By Demand Clothing PR, Popular By Demand Clothing Public Relations

Popular by Demand

Popular Demand was founded and is headquartered in Los Angeles. The company sells to bold, young, risk-takers with emphasis on work play lifestyle that the brand lives by.

TrukFit Clothing, TrukFit Clothing Logo, TrukFit Clothing PR, TrukFit Clothing Public Relations, TrukFit Clothing PR, TrukFit Clothing PR Team, TrukFit Clothing Rep, TrukFit Clothing Representative


TRUKFIT is for individualists defined by bold choices in culture and fashion. They use clothes to speak for them. Where art, fashion & music collide, TRUKFIT is there – thriving.

Food and Beverage

Bigelow Tea, Bigelow Tea Logo, Bigelow Tea Rep, Bigelow Tea Representative, Bigelow Tea PR, Bigelow Tea Public Relations, Bigelow Tea PR Team

Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea is a family owned business dedicated to producing a variety of fine quality teas. 70 years ago, Ruth Bigelow changed the way we drink tea in the United States.

Covoda Vodka Logo, Covoda Vodka rep, Covoda Vodka Product Placement, Covoda Vodka representative, Covoda Vodka PR, Covoda Vodka Public Relations

Cavoda Vodka

Cavôda Vodka is distilled from French whole-wheat grains. Cavôda is the world’s first Illuminating Bottle Of Ultra Premium Vodka living by their slogan – Light Up Your Life™

Ensure, Ensure Logo, Ensure PR, Ensure Public Relations, Ensure Rep, Ensure Representative


First produced in 1973 as a medical nutrition product, Ensure beverages are formed to provide calories, protein, vitamins and minerals. Shakes are Kosher & Gluten Free.

MateFit Logo, MateFit Rep, MateFit Representative, MateFit PR, MateFit Public Relations


TeaTox Detox By MateFit is a modern antioxidant powerhouse infused herbal tea blend with body cleanse appetite control. MateFit is a top selling Tea Cleanse in the U.S.

Neuro Drink, Neuro Drink Logo, Neuro Drink rep, Neuro Drink Representative, Neuro Drink PR, Neuro Drink Product Placement, Neuro Drink Public Relations, Neuro Drink PR Team


In 2009, Sanela Jenkins created the Neuro line of functional beverages. Based in Burbank, Neuro produces drinks with natural ingredients and packaged with recycled materials.

Nos Energy, Nos Energy Logo, Nos Energy Rep, Nos Energy Representative, Nos Energy PR, Nos Energy Product Placement, Nos Energy Public Relations, Nos Energy PR Team

NOS Energy Drink

NOS Energy Drink is often distributed in a bottle designed to look like a Nitrous Oxide Systems cartridge. It is produced by the Coca-Cola Company under Glacéau subsidiary.

Protein World, Protein World Logo, Protein World PR, Protein World Product Placement, Protein World Public Relations, Protein World Celebrities

Protein World

Protein World is leading the protein revolution with an innovative range of pure, GMO free supplements to help individuals become healthier, leaner, fitter and stronger.

Remy Martin, Remy Martin Logo. Remy Martin PR, Remy Martin Public Relations, Remy Martin PR Team

Remy Martin

Rémy Martin is a French firm that produces and sells cognac. The brand specializes in Cognac Fine Champagne, which was produced by French winemaker, Rémy Martin.

Music Entertainment

Interscope Records Logo, Interscope Records PR, Interscope Records Brand Integration, Interscope Records Representative

Interscope Records

Interscope-Geffen-A&M is an American record label, owned by Universal Music. The company was formed in 1999, when Geffen Records and A&M Records merged.

Sony Music Entertainment Logo, Sony Music Entertainment Representative, Sony Music Entertainment Public Relations, Sony Music Entertainment PR Team

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment is a global recorded music company with a current roster that includes a broad array of both local artists as well as international superstars.



Universal Music Group Logo, Universal Music Group Representative, Universal Music Group Rep, Universal Music Group PR, Universal Music Group Public Relations, Universal Music Group PR Team

Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group is the global music leader, with wholly owned operations in 60 territories. Its businesses also include Universal Music Publishing Group.

Warner Music Group, Warner Music Group Logo, Warner Music Group Rep, Warner Music Group Representative, Warner Music Group PR, Warner Music Group Public Relations, Warner Music Group PR Team

Warner Music Group

WMG comprises of businesses aimed at helping artists achieve long-term creative and financial success while providing consumers with high-quality music content.




Bedloo is a web and iOS app that allows musicians, celebrities, companies, brands, or anyone, to ask a question within their network, and learn from their responses.

Technology PR

Belly Card

Belly is a loyalty platform launched in 2011. Belly provides consumer-facing tablets to partner businesses that allows points for rewards specific to each Belly business.

Technology Public Relations

Cyber Dust

Cyber Dust lets you communicate freely & openly with anyone. Connect with friends, family and people you follow with disappearing messages, photos and video.



Making getting ready a whole lot easier, GLAMSQUAD is an app-based beauty provider delivering professional and affordable beauty services to the home or office.

Hot or Not

Hot or Not

Hot or Not is a rating app that allows users to rate attractiveness of photos submitted by others. The app offers a matchmaking engine called ‘Meet Me’ and a feature called “Hotlists”.


Madatoi is an online store specializing in women’s shoes. Modatoi allows you to discover a unique collection of shoes, sandals and heeled shoes.



Tinder is a location-based social discovery application that facilitates communication between mutually interested users. The app allows users to chat with their matches.



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