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Using a blend of creativity and research based observations, Grapevine Public Relations implements strategic programs to engage audience with your consumer products and build an iconic brand.

Consumer Brands PR isn’t a task for just any PR Firm. Consumer Brands PR needs an artful story that appeals to the audience and evokes brand loyalty. Grapevine Public Relations is the right PR Agency to pull off this feat. We amalgamate a brand’s core components such as the product, services, team and the general vibe, and then seamlessly weave them around conversations, current vogues and developments in the cultural scene. The result is a strong buzz around your brand, which has a cult-like appeal that resonates with your customers.

Grapevine Public Relations inoculates clients into the current national happenings and the target user’s playlist. By absorbing into everything that is shaping trends such as music, lifestyle, sports and politics, we pump in the much-needed excitement into Consumer Brands PR and Consumer Products PR.

Our ideas are fresh, attitude buoyant and buzzing with life. Along with this, our Consumer Brands PR efforts turn CEOs into thought leaders to whom people respect and admire. This has a direct effect on the sales funnel, product attraction and thus brand advocacy.

At Grapevine Public Relations, social media marketing is an integral part of Consumer Brands PR and Consumer Products PR. We ensure that your product continues to receive positive responses even after the movement is complete. Digital public relations response is quintessential in today’s technology powered Consumer Brands PR ecosystem. Therefore, we structure an affirmative movement about your brand on various social networks.

We strongly believe that incorporating proper branding and public relations management into a brand’s DNA is beneficial for long-term success. It boosts the process of achieving business goals and scaling up.

Right from startups to established enterprises, each needs a public relations firm to handle the positive affinity making rounds about your brand and products. Grapevine Public Relations thrives on the efforts of team members who work tirelessly towards enhancing brands at all stages of development. These efforts score high on the media circuits and help companies tremendously. We deliver product publicity programs that gets results and makes your business more profitable.


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