Event Marketing

Tapping into Event Marketing to Afford Immense Benefits to Brands

Grapevine Public Relations offers holistic, end-to-end event marketing solution for events of every size and scale. By proactively managing all the technicalities of the event, we take that extra load off your shoulders and get you to enjoy the event.

Some events signify important benchmarks in the journey of success of a company. They have to be planned meticulously and handled flawlessly. Grapevine Public Relations is your partners in these times. We manage the entire event – right from finding the most appropriate venue to managing the event logistics, production and the digital ecosystem. Our team has an extensive experience in public relations. Moreover, having strong contacts with prominent media houses ensures that your events get the public attention it deserves.

Our approach towards delivering the ultimate client satisfaction is unparalleled. Our approach revolves around “keeping it simple”. Specialized teams handle separate aspects of the event.

Online marketing wizards handle digital marketing, which creates a loud buzz about your event. Whereas, the public relations team handles offline marketing by contacting and drawing the press personnel to the event through the best media outlets. The logistics is handled by a very adept engineering team to ensure that the back-end and front-end processes are smoothly being laid.

Grapevine Public Relations divides its event marketing approach into 4 sections:

Brief: Before moving into action, we first sit and listen to your story, goals, objectives and the brand profile you want to create. Then comes the research phase wherein we study the target audience, the purpose of the event, the best practices and accordingly chart out a plan to make your event a bang.

Creativity: To make your event stand out and gain the best press coverage, we devise strategies that are unique, creative and attention grabbing. All this is done to bring the target audience and the potential customers onboard. Within your budget and time span we decide the layout of the entire event.

Planning: We have to our credit the courtesy of organizing world’s topmost events including conferences, awards, awareness programs and launch parties. All this is made possible after spending numerous hours looking over third party arrangements to effectively manage the logistics.

Delivery: We deliver event marketing services that raise the valuation and esteem of your organization. Our resources are experienced, efficient and skilled to handle all types of events.


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