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A genius food and beverage PR campaign can transform a brand into a success story 

Grapevine Public Relations comes across clients challenges about the inability to get a massively positive response for their food and beverage brand. We have reincarnated numerous brands and successfully launched new products with a bang.

With more than a decade of experience of working with the hospitality industry, with special emphasis on the food and beverage segment, this has allowed Grapevine Public Relations to gain an intrinsic knowledge of this industry.

We know the exact factors that lead food and beverage products to remarkable publicity. This experience reflects in the results our projects have achieved and fuels them to transform even the slackest of brands into an the true hit they deserve to be.

Our extremely talented Food PR and Beverage PR teams caters to hospitality clients with a tailored approach. Each project and campaign gets a unique strategy based on the plinth of research, aim of the campaign, target audience and the budget.

We leverage our Food PR and Beverage PR network of associates, to create a solid visibility for your brand with food and beverage bloggers, hospitality websites and review websites. Our Food PR and beverage PR strategies revolve around storytelling of the popular interests and addressing pain points of the audience to create simple, engrossing and creative content.

We pour life into Food PR and Beverage PR campaigns by sharing compelling stories about the brand and the people involved with the brand. We organize specialized launch events attended by celebrities, food and drinks bloggers and the relevant media personnel.

Extraordinary relations with press editors, hospitality digital marketing professionals, social media influencers, journalists and columnists, celebrity chefs and TV professionals has placed Grapevine Public Relations in a strong position to formulate and execute influential Food PR and Beverage PR campaigns.

An amalgamation of experience, skill, creativity and ability to evolve continuously has made Grapevine Public Relations a high profile Food PR firm. Apart from food, we handle PR for some of the country’s topmost beverage companies. We shape and mold Food PR and Beverage PR campaigns that involve the audience, convey the message in the most effective manner and in a tone that everyone can understand. This is possible because we have the agility of a newly established startup, backed by the immense experience of industry veterans. Get in touch with us today to discuss your goals in the Food and Beverage industry.


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