Integrated Marketing


Strategic Use of Integrated Marketing for Lead Generation 

Consumers tend to become loyal to brands who effectively communicate an unfailing identity in every message across various mediums and more importantly, stand up to high levels of commitment.

Grapevine Public Relations is Orange Country’s topmost marketing PR agency that has led hundreds of campaigns right from ideation to successful completion. We serve clients spanning across a multitude of industry niches.

Most businesses need a combination of online and offline marketing to scale up and gain more customers. In order to gain maximum results for your marketing and advertising efforts, a strategic mix of internet marketing and offline marketing is essential. Companies have gained immensely high returns on investment using our integrated marketing campaigns.

We use the following assimilated marketing channels to leverage our clients’ business to the next level of success:

Internet Marketing and Television: Millennia’s use internet for consuming entertainment related information. So concentrating more on TV ads and using it as a standalone mode of marketing will not give the desired results. Grapevine Public Relations uses internet and video marketing to spread the brand message. These videos are creative, entertaining and engaging, thereby pulling crowds and generating a massive response for your campaign. Banner ads, YouTube ads and other paid media are used to boost the reach of these movements.

Internet Marketing and Radio: The oldest means of ad promotion, radio ads, are still an effective marketing media. Why wait for people to click or notice your ads when you can reach them while they commute? We use radio ads to gain popularity among households and people on the go, and integrate them with internet radios. By placing these ads on apps and internet radios, we promote the reach of your content to a wider audience.

Internet Marketing and Print: The emergence of digital media has affected the popularity of newspapers only to a minor level. It continues to remain one of the most effective sources of advertisements. Local businesses have a higher preference to publish their ads in local newspapers than post them on the internet. As an integrated marketing PR agency, we combine both of these essential ad channels by posting your web address and email in newspaper ads. Area-specific press releases are included to raise a positive response for your product publicity.

Today it is nearly impossible to drive results by conveying your message through a single press channel. Therefore, Grapevine Public Relations uses a multitude of strategies and tactics to promote your brand message to your consumers and drive a terrific response.


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