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Numerous not-for-profit organizations face multiple hardships whether it’s due to unfavorable economic conditions or branding themselves as the go to not-for profit in their respective cause. The arising challenges like decreasing public funding, illustrating impact, relations with the Government, issues on liability etc has a great impact on the efficient functioning of the organization. This situation demands removal of a Communication Gap and welcoming of new stakeholders.

We at Grapevine Public Relations understand the necessity to create public awareness. We help organizations to build their reputation and dedicate creative consultants for this purpose. We fabricate every Non Profit Public Relations campaign targeting maximum audience in an organized way. We believe in building the values of integrity and humanity thereby motivating donors. We inspire people to assist the not-for-profit organizations. Grapevine Public Relations is one of the most trusted names for building and maintaining Non Profit public relations campaigns. We provide great exposure to the organizations through standard methods. We apply a wide range of tactics covering all the aspects. We are well-equipped to deal with new set of challenges that are faced by charities and not-for-profit organizations.

We even help our clients in setting up new social ventures. We also use Social Media to promote social ideas well. Our Non Profit Public Relations team also assists in organizing events and public launching of social programmes for introducing charity to common people. We support of the idea of celebrity endorsements for seeking the trust of the people as well. Our team takes great pride in fully understanding your cause and outlining the best strategy for the you organizations Non Profit Public Relations campiagn.

We at Grapevine Public Relations have experienced professionals playing an important role in fundraising.

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