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Product Placement in domains that gain the maximum audience attention

Are you launching a new product? Or face-lifting an old one? Each of these products has to enter the market with the loudest bang to get the greatest impact and Grapevine Public Relations helps in accomplishing this task in the best possible manner.

Being a top-notch Product Placement company, Grapevine Public Relations has helped hundreds of products gain immense popularity. We use diverse channels for product placement. Our methodology is a blend of song lyrics placements, music video product placements, feature film product placements, and online product marketing channels, which includes social media placements and video sharing platforms.

Content is the king and we use creative and informative content to gain attention from potential buyers. In each of the ads, we send a consistent brand message that resonates with your audience. The ever-evolving media ecosystem demands for engaging ads that places the product a notch above the competitors, and we strategically enable the brands to do so.

As the most efficient product placement company, Grapevine Public Relations takes each product to a level where your brand receives red carpet treatment. We use music, film and video to secure prominent and unriveted attention for each of your products. Our team consisting of storytellers, writers, videographers and PR professionals go to preceding levels to get the right message out to the audience and to ensure that it gets the desired response.

Our product placement media services includes:

TV Product Placement: Placing a product on TV leads to increased brand affinity, awareness, loyalty and more chances of prospective purchase. Traditional media is still very effective in driving sales and we use it capture the audience and nudge them for a purchase.

Film Product Placement: Brands gain immense response through this product placement channel. Grapevine Public Relations has made short films and documentaries featured in premier award functions. A brand story is told that reflects the work ethics, company culture and the entire journey is captured in an intriguing fashion.

Social Product Placement: Social media product placement is a combination of social media and digital optimization. We use entertaining, authentic, humorous and engaging content to connect emotionally with the audience. This content is later spread across various social channels and marketed to gain attention from a wider audience. We also use our influence among celebrities and influencers to create User Generated Content.


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