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A Sustainable Social Media Strategy to Help You Gain a Cult Status 

Grapevine Public Relations creates a viable social media marketing strategy to improve your audience reach, boost visibility using content creation and duration, and gain a strong fan base that looks up to you for solving industry related problems.

There is too much advice littered out there about how to market your brand on social networks but very few can accomplish this task of establishing a brand as an industry influencer. Grapevine Public Relations is one such social media PR firm that works with brands of all sizes to improve their credibility on social networks.

Grapevine Public Relations leverages your brand’s social presence by carrying out the following tasks:

Content Strategy: Social networks are a powerful platform for brands to project content and interact with the brand followers. As a part of the content marketing strategy we craft content suitable for different social networks and for blogs.

Content Auditing: Once the content is posted on social networking sites, your brand’s reach has to be evaluated. By delving into various statistics, we determine the type of content that generates the best response and resonates the best among your audience. Accordingly, we optimize the content to get the maximum visibility, likes and shares.

Social Media Strategy: Sounding like a sales pitch on social platforms will not aid in increasing your social reach. We create a strategy that includes sharing, engaging, entertainment and informative content, which gets maximum interaction and ensures that all your social pages are buzzing with interesting information and industry facts.

Social Media Audits: Social media audits are vital for every brand. Posting on social platforms is not the end of the story, the reach as to be measured and results processed. The way people interact with B2B and B2C brands on social media is different, so a single strategy doesn’t work for both of these. We first study your target audience and understand your expectations from the marketing campaign, and accordingly strategize a social media plan.

Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Consulting: Being USA’s best social media PR firm, we offer consulting services for content and social media marketing. We devise a stellar social media strategy for your brand to get noticed by the target audience.


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